Training Facilitation Research Monitoring

Portfolio case work 1:

Regeneration work for Minority Ethnic Groups: Communities in Action Enterprises has supported the local voluntary organisations in Tower Hamlets in developing the capacity and infrastructure of minority ethnic groups for regeneration. This has worked as sector support network for BME groups in the Borough in much the same mould as the pan-London network the LDA proposes in its tender specification. It was successful in accessing 3 years' funds from a central government department for such work in a bidding round oversubscribed 10:1 in 2000. It continues to deliver both skills development for BME workforce in Tower Hamlets and build the capacity of the sector there with a particular focus on accessing funds.

Portfolio case work 2:

Community consultation and project management: Communities in Action Enterprises has worked with the management team to manage the fund-raising and construction of the £10 million LMC centre in Whitechapel (ERDF, SRB and voluntary funded) - a multi-purpose centre that provides an array of educational, health and business support services. It has developed comprehensive research and community consultation programme to identify community needs, involvement of the community in every stages of its work and widen partnership.